We continue to improve our products and formulas, so check back often.
Shea-Janeé Handmade Natural Skin Care is dedicated in providing you with organic skin care products for sensitive skin. Our formulas are designed to be simple with gentle ingredients, suited for all types of skin, especially ultra sensitive skin.
Our moisturizers can be used effectively with
the following skin conditions:
Shea-Janee Moisturizers
• dry skin
• aging skin
• acne
• rosacea
• contact dermatitis
• eczema
• and many other ailments.
We never use chemical preservatives, dyes or fragrances in our lotions and skin creams. It is easy to be fooled by other products who say they are all natural, but when you read the ingredients, the list is full of chemicals.
I started Shea-Janeé because I have sensitive skin. My skin is fair with slight rosacea (redness), and I suffer from contact dermatitis. I searched everywhere - from stores to the internet for: natural, organic, preservative-free, fragrance-free skin care products; but got few results. There were two main problems:
1. Finding organic products without essential oils and/or flower derived ingredients. These products were also too complex (too many ingredients); so when I had a reaction, it was too difficult to figure out which ingredient was causing it.
2. Finding “fragrance-free” products without chemical preservatives. These products were often filled with petroleum based ingredients.
These road blocks lead to the creation and development of Shea-Janeé Handmade Natural Skin Care. I am currently working on new formulas, so check back often for new products (or email us at: info@sheajanee.com) for new product updates.
Handmade Natural Skin Care
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Disclaimer: Our products should not be used as a cure, treatment or prevention of any disease or medical condition. We suggest you consult a physician for any medical issues you may have.

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